A concussion causes damage to the brain.

This injury affects an individual’s eye movements, balance, spatial orientation, speed, accuracy, endurance, reaction time, thought, emotion, and overall health.

Since these are the areas that are affected by concussions, proper testing should be performed to establish an individual’s baseline integrity in each of these domains.

Once these areas have been evaluated and measured, an individual can decide if they would like to improve areas of deficiencies, or simply chart the progression, or regression, of the neurological domains. This is the benefit of a MN Functional Integrity Baseline Evaluation.

Professional and Olympic athletes from around the world come to the USA to be examined and treated at the Carrick Brain Centers where Dr. Schmoe has learned his baseline testing. Dr. Schmoe also lectures nationally and internationally on Functional Neurology and concussion management for the Carrick Institute of Neurology.  Baseline neurological testing allows the athlete to know his/her brain function and identifies minor problems that may be corrected.  The baseline test is a good reference for an athlete when there is a concussion.  Then doctors will know if the concussion has resulted in a brain injury or not. Minnesota Functional Neurology provides these services to athletes using the most modern and contemporary diagnostic instruments that provide baseline testing.

This is why is it so important for all athletes to have a comprehensive baseline test performed.