Dr. Schmoe at New Kingdom Health Care with Dr. Bob Zajak: July 19th 7:30 pm

Dr. Schmoe will be presenting on rehabilitation for concussion and TBI at New Kingdom Healthcare.

Main points:

1. Pre- Conucussion Baseline Testing
2. Immediate cocussion management
3. Healing and returning to baseline
4. What if my child is not getting better?

Welcome To New Kingdom Healthcare

New Kingdom Healthcare offers everything you would expect in a “regular” medical office – wellness care for adults and children, illness care, yearly physicals, and resources. However, we also offer specialty care (for children with behavioral, emotional, or developmental concerns and for those with sleep disorders), we have additional expertise in asthma/allergy management, and we pride ourselves in supporting holistic/integrative care.

We are here to help the patients make an informed decision regarding choices for their family – including options (without judgment and with support) for alternative vaccine schedules, illness management, holistic care, traditional medical models, and even to avoid coming into the clinic at all. Please read more about us, our services, hours of operation, and consider making an appointment!

Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician with additional expertise in asthma/allergy care, developmental/behavioral pediatric care, and natural/holistic care. He received his degree in Child Development, and pursued an additional four years of training in a PhD program (Early Childhood Special Education), followed by his medical degree (MD – University of Minnesota – 2000) and residency training (pediatrics – 2000-2003). Prior to starting New Kingdom Pediatrics, Dr. Bob completed his masters of business degree (MBA, Crown College, 2011-2013). With a growing interest in natural and holistic care options, he finds great joy in forming partnerships with families and community health and wellness providers. Dr. Bob and his wife Julie have been married for almost 25 years and have 8 children.

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