Dynavision D2

DYNAVISION (D2)Dynavision D2

Upon his retirement from the Canadian Football League, Phil Jones, Dynavision™ Founder, acquired the rights for a vision-training device.

Dynavision was founded by Phil Jones after retirement from professional football. In his final year with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League he was introduced to a revolutionary training technique. Jones started vision training on a prototype device and developed increased awareness, quicker reaction times and his interceptions increased. The benefits for his teammates were evident in their improved decision making and situational awareness.

After four years of research and development with the help of a multi-disciplined team, comprised of industrial designers, ophthalmologists and sports trainers, the Dynavision D2 made its initial debut.

Designed as a tool for high performance sports training, the Dynavision 2000™ was quickly discovered by medical rehabilitation professionals as a powerful tool to aid in the evaluation and rehabilitation of patients recovering from stroke and traumatic brain injury. The Dynavision 2000™ continues to be used by more than 500 hospitals across North America and in 36 countries.

Dynavision™ International introduced the Dynavision D2™ in 2010.

The D2™ includes cutting-edge technology to track user performance with new and improved training programs.

Today, over 1000 Dynavision™ units have been sold throughout the world as valuable additions to evaluation and training programs in the fields of high performance sports, medical rehabilitation, research, military and police training.

For more information on Dynavision International download their brochure or visit their website.

Test your brain's VISUAL and MOTOR VELOCITY. Enhance your vision, reflexes, awareness and cognitive reaction time. Prevent, manage, and rehabilitate from concussion, TBI and motor function impairment.

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