Family Travels from North Dakota for Week Intensive: Soccer Concussion

Brain Injury Rehab w/ North Dakota Family 612 223 8590 Braden's story- first soccer game of the season – game date was August 23rd 2016. Ball was kicked into Braden's left side of his head, causing Braden's right side of the head to collide with an opponent player! Double whammy!! The coach did not see and the referee saw but did not get him out of the game! Braden played 15 min longer knowing something didn't feel right as he played but wasn't going to disappoint his teammates! As the weeks progressed so did his symptoms: dizziness, headaches, balance issues, vision issues,etc.Today we are in a much better place than 1 year ago but it hasn't been with extreme exhaustion knowing what he endured and still continues to overcome! As a parent, many restless nights were done researching concussions and Drs and what treatment is right or wrong, many tears shed by his mom praying to God to watch over him and heal him, many costly appts and distances traveled for treatment, etc…. but what we wouldn't do for our kids right? I prayed many times for God to hand his cross over to myself -could I handle it? Probably not honestly!! God knew whom to pick for this cross and struggle -Braden!! Braden overcame what most kids have to do on medications, he did with none! We were blessed to find Dr Schmoe (Functional Neurologist) 8 mos ago and because of him Braden is doing better than any Drs would have guessed (again w/o medication)! Medications cover the symptom but do not resolve the problem!!Today-we are in a much better place and Braden's school year will be much better than last year! Does he still have symptoms? Yes but they are much more controllable and on bad days or after noisy events he knows rest is best!! Nothing will stop him – he still battles noise sensitivities but that's not going to keep him from his music (he is slowly trying to introduce jazz band, Steele drums and a lil wind orchestra). He is determined to be ready for track this year.Please continue to share our story and give our names to anyone needing to talk, needing suggestions, needing a shoulder to cry on,etc…. Connecting with other families and telling Braden's story has been our goal! We have spoken with people not only in ND but all over the USA, incl the Netherlands!! THIS happened for a REASON!! Braden will make a difference and has already helped so many families!! In turn, they also help us hearing their stories! We R BLESSED!!Jami and Braden

Posted by Minnesota Functional Neurology DC: Center for Brain Health on Monday, September 18, 2017

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