Patient Responsibilities


Dr. Schmoe conducts a complete diagnostic exam of neurological health and health imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms or condition. He then creates a complete treatment plan based on results of that information.

Although some of the treatment plan involves in-office rehabilitation techniques, the majority of the work will be up to the patient to complete after the office visits. You will be given exercises to perform at home, often several times a day. More than likely, you will be asked to make changes to your diet, often rather dramatic changes, to support your recovery. The use of supplements to dampen inflammation or improve brain and adrenal function, or to restore the digestive tract may also be necessary.

Some patients whose condition is severe may be required to make serious lifestyle changes to minimize the role stress plays in brain decline.

Simply showing up to your appointments without personal effort will not be enough to create permanent change. The majority of work between visits must be completed according to Dr. Schmoe’s guidance.