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Everyone has a story; this is a chapter of mine. I am a 67, year old mom and grandmother widowed at 52 and retired from nursing after 40 years. I had to be very independent and was strong on all levels until confronting numerous stressors since 2000. Gradually I noticed in 2007 I was anxious every year; I became more nervous and weaker and experienced more health issues, including slight left sided tremors. On June 2013, I crashed physically and emotionally and my neurological symptoms worsened. I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. He prescribed medication on June 18. In 10 days I had no tremors but was essentially bedfast and I couldn’t even walk over 20 feet without rest. I was too weak to fix food with fear and dread and depression and hopelessness set in. I was also down 20 pounds. My daughter brought me from SE Iowa to Minneapolis. By God's grace and direction she learned about Dr. Schmoe. On my initial visit with an extensive evaluation he said he could help. With each visit, my fear, dread, and anxiety decreased and I became hopeful due to Dr. Schmoe’s expertise. He is extremely professional and an expert practitioner. After each visit I noticed improvement. Handwriting improved, no foot drop, lifting toes, inner weakness gone, hammer toes relaxed, improved breathing, neck muscles loose, head movement full range, internal tremor gone, tremors minimal, more expression, socialization improved, walking further and faster, legs stronger, eye movement improved, sleeping well, no back pain, sit in a chair, can stand and fold clothes, can walk into a store without hanging onto a cart, less hand stiffness, inner dread gone, less anxiety, hopeful, more living in the moment, interacting more with kids, more interest in things, able to use utensils, using curling iron, increased walking speed, easier to talk on the phone, energy is back, no pain in hips and shoulders, hand atrophy improved, no naps, healthy eating, lower sugar intake, no caffeine needed, weight stable, no more feeling like walking in cement, no headaches, improved balance, can make better decisions. After 1 month of treatment, I have documented 46 improvements physically, emotionally, socially and many prayers answered. Dr. Schmoe is such an encourager and Dr. of integrity. He shares my improvements with joy equal to mine. He has restored me to good health. I am beyond grateful. Handwritten by Pam with no tremors
I was referred to Dr. Schmoe by another chiropractor who went to school with him. I’ve had a number of concussions (8 total from a career in pro hockey) and she (the referring physician) thought that he might be able to help with a neck problem that I’ve had for 18 months (caused by another hockey injury, concussion). That first appointment he was able to figure out that it was not a neck problem, but a shoulder injury with referred pain that was causing my neck to spasm. After doing some of the concussion testing he also was able to see that the entire right side of my body was overly sensitized because of the head injuries and was helping cause the problem of the referred pain in my neck. Before I left that first session, my neck pain had been reduced by 75%. Over the next few weeks and 3 more sessions, he was able to get the pain to subside enough to figure out that there was also probably an internal injury to my shoulder (labrum and possibly the bicipital tendon). Four previous physicians had missed this diagnosis, including having an MRI and X-rays. On his referral I went to a shoulder specialist and found out that there WAS a tear in my labrum and bicipital tendon (exactly what Dr. Schmoe had suspected). Surgery is scheduled for next week. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to learn to live with the unbelievable pain that I was having and pain killers were starting to become a problem. By taking a different approach than just prescribing pain killers or doing a neck adjustment, Dr. Schmoe was able to track my pain back to the problem spot (my shoulder) and figure it out correctly. I would highly recommend Dr. Schmoe and he will be my first call if I have any other neck, back, shoulder, or concussion issues in the future. A different approach was exactly what I needed and I wish I would have found him sooner.

I had gone through nearly two years of some “unknown” health issue that was extremely painful, debilitating, all the while creating physical and mental fatigue. After many visits to some of the best medical facilities, chiropractors, and functional nutritionalists, I still had not gained much progress in my health. Having been referred to Dr. Schmoe, I was a bit hesitant because I did not want to drop any more money on yet another perspective. I am so glad I did, as the 3 day intensive with Dr. Schmoe and his team was extremely beneficial. After 3 full days of functional neurological exercises and therapy, followed by some at-home eye-brain therapy, I could tell a major difference in my health and energy. I could finally get through a full day without being debilitated. Addressing the the health of my brain was a primary necessity in getting me back on the road to health. I am grateful for Dr. Schmoe and his team. I now realize that looking at one of the most important parts of my body - my brain - is extremely important. A high functioning, healthy brain is vital to overall health. Looking forward to continued health and complete recovery.

I started with Dr Schmoe towards the end of February and I came to him with the goal of healing up the rest of my neurological issues from Chronic Lyme and a bio toxin illness. Double vision and dizziness also was so bad for years.Also horrible pain in my back, neck and hips. When I would do yoga I would get so motion sick I'd vomit or be laid up for awhile. He suggested give this AIP (repairvite diet) a try for 7 days, thought how could I go without my coffee, cream, bread, Doritos etc.... 7 days went by I lost 5lbs and had some renewed hope that I could lose weight too. Then he challenged me to do another 7 days do not cheat, I didn't cheat, let going and going and within 20 days I was down 19lbs sleeping great able to workout and do my brain exercises with no troubles. I'm currently down 38lbs since Feb 19th and I wouldn't trade this for all the Doritos in the world! My hubby was so inspired by my success that he started and is down 58lbs. We are thrilled and so grateful for Dr Schmoe. We are now encouraging our folks at The Well in Dassel to try Paleo! Nails the inflammatory process one bite at a time! Thanks from our crew to yours!

I had a rare, orange-sized benign brain tumor removed in 2003. It was located on the cranial nerves in my brainstem. During the surgery, a cranial nerve was damaged. As a result of surgery, I had headaches and developed a severe, debilitating chronic cough that was later diagnosed as a sensory neuropathic cough. I sought treatment from some of the top neurologists and ENT doctors in the country. I had vocal cord surgery, took 3,600mg of gabapentin daily, and completed therapy from multiple physical therapists and other chiropractors. The gabapentin reduced my coughing to every 30 minutes on a good day but I began to not tolerate the many side effects from so much medication. So I decided to research alternative therapies. In June of 2015, I found Dr. Scott Hoppe. He was able to quickly determine the correct path for therapy by analyzing the data from the functional neurological exam. After just one month of sessions, I was able to get off gabapentin completely and now cough only a few times a day. I am headache free, have more energy, and am less anxious. I highly recommend Dr. Hoppe if you have nerve damage. I only wish I would have found him 10 years ago.

Although some would say we were really lucky, I know there was divine timing involved! The day following my son's injury from football, I sat in south Minneapolis on a Friday at a friend and soon to be consultant to work on my new company's brand and messaging. In an effort to articulate why I felt a bit in disarray that morning, I articulated the details of my son's injury and shared that I had left him next door at the coffee shop for our meeting because his doctor appointment was quicker than anticipated. My friend quickly shared that she was working with a client who was a functional neurologist who specialized in sports injury and went in to a bit more detail about his practice. I couldn't believe the timing and I asked if I could call and leave a message during our meeting. My son's injury was bad and I needed answers...and as quickly as possible would be ideal. Dr. Schmoe called back within a few minutes and gave me brief instructions for how to proceed caring for Myles over the weekend and said that he would like to see Myles on Tuesday. I sent Myles to school on Tuesday for his first day of school and picked him up early for his appointment. It would be almost three weeks before he could return to school again. Dr. Schmoe, after extensive testing...testing Myles could not fool and I could not believe, shared with me the extent of Myles' brain injury. It had affected his entire left side leaving numbness, disjointed movements and a lack of balance my 6'5" athlete couldn't override with determination. We were devastated. (Our local sports injury clinic said it was a concussion and were ready to send him back to school after a few days.) Weeks of therapy, nutrition advice, supplement encouragement and eventual recommendations for reintegrating into school life...Myles was healed. We are SOOO thankful to Dr. Schmoe for his care, concern, honesty and expertise in handling Myles' brain injury and recovery. I am quite confident if we took the advice of our local sports injury clinic physicians, the headaches would be nagging and the healing would not be complete. Thank you Dr. Schmoe. We are thankful God brought you into our lives at the very perfect time! Blessings on you and your practice! Parent of D1 Basketball Recruit

Dr. Schmoe helped my 14 year old daughter recover from her 5th concussionafter many other specialists could not treat her. She could hardly get out of bed, muchless go to school. He literally saved her life.
Our son received his second concussion within 6 months playing hockey. His first fell into the typical symptom range but we were concerned after his second concussion with more acute symptoms. He had problems untying his skates after the game and was very upset as anyone would be if their vision and coordination was "off" and they didn't know why. He didn't need to sit in a quiet, dark room, but when we took him to take a battery of memory and light tests at the hospital is was disconcerting that his symptoms seem to be exacerbated from the testing. The testing was also very subjective and any 12 year old will answer in a way that will diagnose a concussion.
When I heard about functional neurology I was all over it. We went to Dr. Schmoe and I knew instantly that the subjectiveness was gone and we were going to track his vision with objective software and do light "retraining" of our son's body with light kinesological awareness movements. Our son was cleared by the hospital for contact sports after a couple months but took a few more months to be cleared by Dr. Schmoe based on his vision. We have since kept him out of football and hockey but may re-introduce him to football in high school after sitting a couple years out. I believe the body can heal from concussions, but has a real hard time with multiple concussions in shorter timeframes. We are so glad we met with Dr. Schmoe and felt our son's concussions could be "rehabbed." It is such a difficult decision for parents and our son has replaced his love for hockey and football with guitar and downhill skiiing activities, and he continues to play baseball.

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

I went on my first cruise with family and friends in December 2014. After returning home, I felt like I was still on the ship. My family also said they had this sensation, but theirs improved after a few days. Weeks after the cruise, I still felt a constant sensation of rocking, like I was riding on a boat. I also had horrible neck pain and pain in the back of my head, as well as pressure and pain in my ears. I was extremely fatigued, had headaches, brain fog, and difficulty sleeping. My balance and coordination were lacking. As a nurse working in a busy outpatient department, I struggled to get through my shifts.

After doing some research, I found a name for my disorder: Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, or disembarkment syndrome. I found a support group on Facebook that was extremely helpful to me in dealing with my symptoms. One day a member of the group posted that she seen a functional neurologist who was able to help her. I had seen my family doctor, an ENT, and had frequent visits to my chiropractor, but nothing they tried helped me. I decided it was time to seek additional treatment.

While doing some internet research, I came across Dr. Schmoe’s website. I was impressed by the extensive information on his website and by the testimonials from his patients. My first appointment was in July. Dr. Schmoe told me he had treated other patients with MdDS, and was confident that he could help me. He suggested a 3 day intensive therapy. I returned in September for the treatment. After 3 days, I felt about eighty percent better. I could think more clearly and my neck pain was significantly improved. The rocking sensation was lessened. I felt much more coordinated, and my balance was considerably better. Almost two months following my treatment, I feel like I am continuing to improve each day.

I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Schmoe. His knowledge and skills are outstanding. I am grateful to him and his staff for helping me to feel “normal” again.

I initially went to see Dr. Schmoe due to fatigue associated with reading and a history of multiple concussions. Fatigue in general, and especially while reading, had really begun to interfere with my love of reading and my addiction to continuing education. After a thorough history and exam, I was treated in office and given home based exercises to practice daily to retrain my eyes and my brain. After diligent home work and some follow-up appointments, I began to notice improved overall resilience and retention with reading and no longer felt fatigue or the need to nap after extensive study sessions. I also began to notice an unexpected reduction in stress overall, and particularly while driving.

Ever since I began driving, it has been a highly stressful activity for me. Highway driving at high speeds and at night were the most challenging parts of driving for me, due to the difficulty my eyes were experiencing with certain basic movements that we all take for granted. After about an hour of highway driving, I felt full of anxiety and panic. I was using every coping tool I knew how to try to manage this anxiety. Singing, breathing, chanting, listening to soothing music - you name it and I was doing it... and still after about an hour of white knuckled, terrified driving I was ready to break down in tears.

This inability to drive for any distance or length of time has been something that has always felt incredibly limiting to me as an adult. It makes visiting friends and family difficult and I have had to heavily rely on my husband and friends for longer driving trips... until now. I am so happy to say that I can now drive for around 7 hours on highways and at high speeds without anxiety thanks to Dr. Schmoe. I have also noticed an overall reduction in my perceived level of stress. Additionally, I have noticed improvement in my digestion as well as better balance in my yoga practice since beginning treatment at MFNC.

Thank you, Dr. Schmoe, for improving my life in ways that I never saw coming! I always thought that I would be limited to living with these post concussion symptoms until they were gone. I never would have realized that those symptoms were something that could be changed.

I refer my own chiropractic patients to Dr. Schmoe for post-concussion evaluation because I want the best possible outcomes for them and I now know what is possible. If you are the kind of person who is willing to put in the effort to improve your life and you are looking for someone with the skills and knowledge to help you on this journey, then Dr. Schmoe and MNFNC is the team for you.

Dr Schmoe it was 1 yr yesterday that Drew met you & today he continues to improve & moving forward. Rarely a day goes by that he doesn't do his "homework" & then hits the gym. We are forever grateful to you & Dr Duffy at CBC. Watch the video
My four year old daughter began seeing Dr. Schmoe at the end of December after hearing she may have speech disapraxia, she also has low muscle tone and cognitive delays. We saw him and he gave her simple exercises to do three times a day. She came back less than a week later and there were already obvious improvements. Her walk was improved. She was saying words I hadn't heard her say. She was dancing!

I recently saw Dr. Scott for some serious pain in my right shoulder. I am an ex-minor league pitcher and have had my share of shoulder problems throughout the years. Most of the time when my shoulder would be sore or injured, it would take a long drawn out process to get relief. Dr. Scott was able quickly figure out what was causing all my discomfort and through manipulations and adjustments got rid of all the pain. He created and regimen of strength exercises and stretches that have kept the pain from coming back. Since leaving his office, my shoulder has not felt better in years. I would highly recommend going into see Dr. Scott for any shoulder problems. I just wish I would have had him on my side when I was still playing baseball!

After almost a lifetime (I’m 21 years old) of doctors, I have never been asked to write a testimony - that is because nobody has found anything to help me improve until now. My health is quite complex, and the moment I open my mouth to start explaining, doctors seem to get that puzzled look on their face. The first day I met Dr. Jeremy, I was nervous and in alot of discomfort because the car ride shook up my constant motion sickness. The first thing I noticed was that he really took the time to see me as a whole person and was very gentle evaluating my head and reflexes. It was not a surprise after he went through my folder of labs and doctor forms that he said, “Wow, you really have seen and tried it all!". But it was different coming from him because I could tell he was committed to searching and trying whatever it will take to get me living life again. He was confident and hopeful, and I trusted this from day 1. I left the first appointment more hopeful than I remember being in years. I was basically stuck inside a "bubble" due to my limitations of movement resulting from any slight stimulation in my eye sight, and because I pretty much developed allergies to everything. Dr Jeremy and Dr. Scott were honest and upfront that I would need the intensive week which involved coming in for 4 days, 6 hours a day (with breaks, of course). I know that God has a time and a season for everything, and it was my time to try something new and finally get well. I now continue with weekly appointments. Every time I leave my appointments, I look back and am so thankful I stuck through that intensive week so Dr. Jeremy could figure out how my brain functions. By the 4th day of the intensive week, I remember waking up, and something was different. I don't even know how to explain it, but I actually felt ok in my own skin. Life was more tolerable. Something had already shifted in my nervous system and brain. Week after week, Dr. Jeremy keeps examining and carefully listens to my feedback. He is constantly tweeking my therapy based on my condition or test results. He is also funny and is interested in my own goals (which I’m still rediscovering now that its possible to dream again!) I have had a big issue with my left side being out of whack and would get giant burn-like rashes that covered half my face. I was not comfortable and sort of sad because even good friends were confused and kept their distance when they saw this bright red "rash". Dr. Jeremy has never given up, and I think we have finally figured out therapies that are rebalancing my eyes and getting the left side to look and react like the right side. I have always been interested in health and research and find it intriguing how the therapies work. Each brain is so unique. I am fascinated how at every appointment we try something new, or we get more information about how my brain and body work. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Scott are getting to know what I like to do and my goals. Being sick and having to give up alot of hobbies, friends, studying, and normal-life activities since age 15, I became stuck and more distant from my dreams in life. Its the best feeling seeing progress that I never knew was possible! I am finally getting enough relief from the tone therapy, mirror therapy, and gaze stability that I’m sleeping through the night without feeling seasick. The best part is, I wake up eager to run! I used to do triathlons and never thought that after only 2 months of working with Dr. Jeremy, I would be running several miles a week. Each appointment is very thorough, and I never leave without getting some relief. I have not started any nutritional things (yet), but with these neurological therapies, my immune system is doing better. I’m very excited to see the progress that is to come as I continue to heal my post-concussive syndrome and dysautonomia. Life is unfolding before my eyes again, and I can only thank God for leading me to such kind, intelligent and intuitive doctors. I’m able to go out into public places without a mask and interact with people again. It’s been years since little kids or people my age have come up to talk to me because I was always too sick or had to keep my distance due to overstimulation. I’m able to finally talk on the phone to my sisters who live out-of-state where before talking would give me a terrible headache and make my pulse go too high. My dog can even tell I’m getting better because he is jumping on me instead of keeping his distance like before. I’m finally able to go to church and am now part of a bible study. There is no more doubt for me or my family of "when" or "how" I will get better… because the time is now. We are watching it happen before our eyes!