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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Schmoe since he was a student. It was obvious early on that he was destined to become one of the best in Functional Neurology. He has not disappointed in that regard. There is no doubt Dr. Schmoe will continue move to the top of his profession and more importantly be able to serve his patients with the highest level of care available.
I graduated with Jeremy and he was always attending seminars to enhance his knowledge. It has really paid off and is an expert in functional neurology. I sought out his care after the birth of my son and am very grateful for his expertise and recommendations. Not only does he know the details of a person's nervous system and what it is exhibiting but also how nutrition and stress ties into it. Even if you've seen "everybody" you haven't been to Dr. Jeremy.
I have had the good fortune to observe Dr. Schmoe's skills firsthand. He completed his final quarter preceptorship in my clinic and based on this I can say without reservation that I would trust a family member to his care. His observational and diagnostic skills are matched only by his compassion. His patients are in great hands. Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, Carrick Institute Owner, Northwest Functional Neurology
I have had the opportunity to study post-graduate chiropractic neurology with Dr. Schmoe and have been impressed with his knowledge and the thoroughness he offers his patients. I have even asked him for second opinion evaluations of some of my own patients. Owner, CFO, Team Health Care Clinic, PC
Dr. Schmoe is a referral partner of mine and he has taken tremendous care of all the people I have sent him. His skill and knowledge in dealing with difficult neurological cases sets him apart. He is my go to referral for any kind of neurological problem including concussion, movement disorders, and other difficult cases I need a second set of eyes on. Warren Internal Health

Dr. Schmoe presented one of his cases-an amazing movement disorder case with me for the Minnesota Chiropractic Association Annual Convention that was jaw-dropping. He played video of the exam, explaining to the professional audience all the details and pathways at work in her brain. He showed video of before and after his clinical intervention, and handled questions like he had done this for decades. His capacity for differential examination and evidence-based neurological treatment planning is among the best in the country. Dr. Schmoe is a gift to Minnesotans.

Dr. Schmoe is extremely knowledgeable in our field of Functional Neurology. He is years ahead of his time and will only get better as patients continue to seek him from further distances. Dakota Health Solutions

Jeremy has had the “wow” factor since the day I met him. His overwhelming passion to help people overcome challenging problems is second to none. His pursuit of knowledge will always keep him at the forefront of cutting edge patient care. I am grateful to have him as a colleague to learn from, and I look forward to his continued success. He would be an excellent referral source for any healthcare provider, and a relief to so many families searching for help for their loved ones. Kentucky Chiropractic and Integrated Health

There is not a more qualified chiropractor that I know. Dr. Schmoe is a very young doctor, but because of his extensive knowledge of neurology he has gotten numerous referrals from doctors around the city. There is not a chiropractor in the state that I would trust a patient with more than Dr. Schmoe. Cannon Pointe Chiropractic

Dr. Schmoe has an overwhelming passion to help people overcome any challenging problems they might have presented to them, and I continue to be impressed with his knowledge and the high quality of care he offers his patients. His knowledge and skills in dealing with the nervous system, including how nutrition and stress relates to it, is second to none. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking the very best in the field of functional neurology. University of Minnesota Golf